We are secure

Secure Communication

Nothing Stored

Encrypted Transmission

No Eavesdropping

Secure Communications

Solid Partnerships begin with Secure Communications. Heads up: If you need to attach important files or documents to this message, please use LBH’s secure file upload facility,

Using this channel, whatever is shared between you and LBH… stays between you and LBH.

Apart from your actual team, there’s nothing more valuable than your or your business’s IP. And, as a business partner, this is precisely why LBH provide this encrypted and secure communication portal.

Every message sent between us will be encrypted during transmission across the Internet. What’s more, it won’t be stored or forwarded via any external 3rd party technology or channel.

No third party eavesdropping. No message manipulation. This is not your normal, unsecure email service. This is a business partner looking after you.