Financial Planning Services


Financial Planning Services

At some stage in everyone’s life, they need to think about how they will fund their retirement. Most people are earning good money in a paid job or are running a business and drawing wages. At retirement, this income ceases. So you have to have other sources of income. Everyone’s fall back is the Government age pension. But do you want to live just on the age pension.

Compulsory employee superannuation has been in for many years, so those that have been employed for long periods will at least have some funds available to them at retirement. But will that be enough.

Financial planning is about developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs with the ultimate aim of having enough income producing assets at retirement so that you can live the life that you deserve. A Financial Planner will help you achieve this goal, even if retirement may seem a lifetime away. The sooner you start planning the more likely you will be able to achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

LBH Accountants has an association with a Financial Planner, so talk to us and we will steer you in the right direction.

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