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Tax Roundup (July 2015)

In this edition:

  • Exposure draft limiting FBT concessions on salary packaged entertainment
  • Foreign investors must register interest in agricultural land
  • Exposure draft to protect privacy of large private companies
  • Audit Office tells ATO to try harder on SG compliance
  • Australia signs onto Common Reporting Standards to tackle evasion
  • Single Touch Payroll implementation postponed

And more...

Newsletter (July 2015)

In this edition:

  • Landlords Beware: Key issues for property investors
  • Tax scams catching out the unwary

Newsletter (June 2015)

In this edition:

  • Why using the 20k Budget tax deduction might be the wrong decision
  • What will change on 1 July 2015
  • How do I make the most of the immediate deduction?

Newsletter (May 2015)

In this edition:

  • Budget 2015: who is in the firing line?
  • Contributing to super - what you need to know
  • 'Googletax' or Multinational tax crackdown
  • Tax on bank deposits

Newsletter (April 2015)

In this edition:

  • Should you give your employees shares in your company?


Newsletter (March 2015)

In this edition:

  • In the company of strangers: should your business bring in investors?
  • The 1 April salary packaging trap


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