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Windows XP isn't dead - yet

Despite what Microsoft and many PC vendors would have you believe, Windows XP is not “dead” and will continue to fully function as it has been to date. What has ended is support and future updates.

So what does this mean for the average home PC user? Well unless you regularly contact Microsoft support for assistance or download every Microsoft update then not much will change for you and life will continue. Also you may not be able to install updates for some newer versions of software applications or new add-on hardware depending on the specific manufactures support for Windows XP.

Basically if you are currently using Windows XP and as long as you are happy to plod along with the setup you currently have, not upgrading anything, you should be fine until you are ready to buy a new PC.

Your primary risk is from the fact that any future security vulnerabilities that may be found in Windows XP by Internet hackers will no longer be fixed by Microsoft. For this reason it will be imperative for you to always have good antivirus software installed. Also for this reason it is recommended that you opt for using Firefox or Google Chrome as your preferred Internet browser. This is because while Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for old versions of Internet Explorer both Firefox and Google Chrome are still actively supported and updated on Windows XP. Also keeping to trusted/ reputable websites greatly reduces your risk of issues from potential future security risks.

So if you wish to continue to use Windows XP for the time being it is recommended that:

  • You have all service packs and security updates that Microsoft has published to date;
  • Have good anti-virus software installed with current subscription;
  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox as your default Internet web browser;
  • Only browse trusted or reputable website;
  • Always be very careful opening emails.
  • These recommendations should be followed anyway regardless of which version of Windows you are using.

Author: Steven Tee - LBH Accountants 

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